Part of the hiring Process includes ordering driving records, criminal background checks and successful completion of post conditional offer physical. Any falsified statements or omissions on this application will result in the hiring process to cease. If already hired, could result in termination. With this being said, I hereby certify that the facts set forth in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If hired for a field testing job, I have discussed with my family that such a job will require that I be on 24 hour call and, at times, be gone overnight or possibly for an extended amount of time. It has tong been a standing policy of FESCO, Ltd. to maintain for all its employees a work environment conducive to maximum safety and optimum work standards. An integral part of this policy is the strict prohibition of theft, conversion, misappropriation of FESCO, Ltd. property, including, but not limited to materials, tools, equipment, or of any items of property belonging to others, the use, possession, transpprtation or sale of narcotics, illegal drugs, unapproved intoxicating beverages, unauthorized firearms and/or other weapons by any person on or in any FESCO, Ltd. vehicle, office, yard or other work location. In order to accomplish the purpose of this policy, FESCO, Ltd. reserves the right to carry out reasonable searches of individual employees and their personal effects when employees are on or in a FESCO, Ltd. vehicle, office, yard or other work location. Personal effects of employees include, but are not limited to, personal vehicles, baggage, and lockers. Employees and applicants may be requested to submit to scheduled and unscheduled alcohol and drug testing. The processing of an application for prospective employees wilt cease if the applicant refuses to submit to the above mentioned tests. I hereby acknowledge that I understand, if hired by FESCO, Ltd., my employment is of an “at-will” nature meaning that it is for an indefinite term, and can be terminated at any time by either party, with or without cause and without prior notice. I also acknowledge that any contract of employment between myself and FESCO, Ltd. must be in writing and properly executed by myself and/or the President or C.E.O. of the company. As part of the hiring process, I understand that prior work references will be checked and I hereby release these previous companies and employers from any liability for providing such information. Also, as part of the hiring process, a criminal background check may be conducted on me and I hereby give FESCO permission to do so.