Well intervention using slickline starts with well-trained, experienced FESCO professionals who minimize trips in/out of the well and provide effective solutions to many wellbore challenges and data needs.
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Slickline well intervention applications include:

1. Specialized fishing operations

2. Broaching

3. Set/retrieve plugs

4. Gauge ring runs

5. Kinley Tools (Perforating, Sand-line cutting)

6. Sand Bailing

7. Dump Bailing

8. Shifting Sliding Sleeves

9. Paraffin Cutting

10. Total Depth Determinations

11. Reservoir pressure/temperature surveys

12. Reservoir pressure transient data collection

13. Subsurface fluid sample collection

Slickline equipment includes:

1. Hydraulic Slickline Trucks
A. Full size units
B. Quick-Rig units
C. Full suite of tools for each unit
i. Gauge rings, bailers, fishing tools, broaching tools, etc.D. Slickline: 0.092” to 0.160” OD
E. Braided-Line: 3/16”, 7/32” and 5/16” OD
i. Grease Injection equipmentF. Special alloy wire for H2S/corrosive environments
2. Lubricators
A. Standard packages to 15k psi WP and 3” ID
B. Specialty packages to 15k psi and 6-5/8” ID
C. H2S and corrosive environment capable

3. Hydraulic Cranes Trucks
A. 30 to 110 ton
B. Up to 170 ft boom extension

4. Pressure Test Pumps
A. To 20k psi
5. Electronic Memory Gauges
A. Max BHP = 16000 psi
B. Max Temperature = 175 °C (356 °F)
C. Available Transducer Types
i. Quartz
ii. Silicon on Sapphire