Electric Line

Our Electric Line Service starts with well-trained, experienced FESCO professionals qualified to solve a wide variety of wellbore challenges via electric line and/or slickline intervention.
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Applications include:

1. Mechanical electric line services

2. Pipe Recovery

3. Logging

4. Perforating

5. Electronic Caliper Services

Electric line equipment includes:

1. Electric Line Trucks Equipped With:
A. 7/32 - 0.250" OD Alloy Cable
B. 7/32 - 0.375" OD Carbon Steel Cable

2. Combination (EL and SL) Trucks Equipped With:
A. Electric Line cable described above
B. 0.108" OD Alloy Slickline
C. 0.125" OD Alloy Slickline

3. Hydraulic Crane Trucks Equipped With:
A. Lift ratings from 26 to 210 tons
B. Boom length to 197 ft
C. Jib length to 100 ft

4. Specialty Lubricator Packages:
A. 4-1/16" ID (10k and 15k psi)
B. 5-1/8" ID (10k and 15k psi)
C. 6-5/8" ID (5k psi)

5. Miscellaneous:
A. Hotwell Multi-Finger Caliper Tools
B. Standard Lubricator Packages up to 3" and 15,000 psi WP (H2S service)
C. Special Alloy cable/slickline availabe for corrosive or H2S environments
D. Grease Injectors to 18,000 psi WP