Braided Line

Well intervention using braided line starts with well-trained, experienced FESCO professionals who minimize trips in/out of the well and provide effective solutions to many wellbore challenges and data needs.
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Braided-Line well intervention applications include:

1. Heavy-duty fishing operations

2. Broaching in casing

3. Pulling retrievable bridge plugs

4. Running composite bailers

5. Dump bailing

Braided-Line equipment includes:

1. Hydraulic Slickline Trucks
A. Full size units
B. Full suite of tools for each unit
i. Gauge rings, bailers, fishing tools, broaching tools, etc.C. Braided-Line Sizes:
i. 3/16”
ii. 7/32”
iii. 5/16” OD
D. Grease Injection equipment
2. Lubricators
A. Standard packages to 15k psi WP and 3” ID
B. Specialty packages to 15k psi and 6-5/8” ID

3. Hydraulic Cranes Trucks
A. 30 to 110 ton
B. Up to 170 ft boom extension