Lab - PVT

FESCO PVT lab testing

FESCO PVT laboratory technicians and engineering staff provide a complete suite of PVT fluid studies and field sampling services using recombined 1st-stage separator gas/liquid samples or subsurface reservoir fluid samples.

All reservoir fluid studies include the following:

  1. Fluid Sample Acquisition
    1. FESCO laboratory and production testing personnel are fully trained to catch all 1st-stage separator samples required for PVT Fluid Study.
    2. Surface Samples from 1st-stage separator
    3. Subsurface Samples
      1. Acquired via single-phase subsurface sampling tool rated to
        1. Max BHT = 350 °F
        2. Max BHP = 15000 psi
      2. Acquired sample transferred to transport cylinders on site.
  2. Fluid Sample Preparation
    1. Sample Conditioning
    2. Sample Validation
    3. Compositional analyses of gas and liquid through (C7+, C11+ and C31+) via chromatography
  3. Lab PVT Study
    1. Mercury-Free PVT Laboratory
    2. Physical recombination of surface samples to one of the following conditions:
      1. The produced 1st-stage separator gas-oil ratio (GOR)
      2. A specified saturation pressure and temperature (if applicable)
      3. Flash Study of the 1st-stage separator liquid to ambien lab conditions
    3. Saturation pressure (DP or BP)
      1. Determination at reservoir temperature via Constant Composition Expansion (CCE).
    4. Oil viscosity
      1. Black or Volatile Oils
        1. Measured at reservoir temperature and pressures ranging from zero to maximum reservoir pressure.
    5. Flash Study of the reservoir liquid through separator conditions to ambient lab condtions
      1. Black and Volatile Oils
    6. Tests to model production below the saturation pressure as pressure depletes via
      1. Black Oil Study - Differential Liberation (DL)
      2. Volatile Oil Study - Constant Volume Depletion (CVD) test
      3. Retrograde Gas Study - Constant Volume Depletion (CVD) test.
  4. Equation-of-State (EOS) Fluid Modeling
    1. Mathematically generates all PVT lab study results using the reservoir composition, pressure and temperature as input.