Production Testing

FESCO offers experienced, professional personnel and highly-specialized equipment to safely meet virtually every production testing and flowback (well testing) requirement. Our equipment meets all applicable NACE manufacturing standards. Our equipment and well-trained personnel can safely operate in all flowback/production testing environments including high-risk environments, e.g. high temperature, high pressure, high concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S or sour gas).
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Production Testing and Frac Flowback (Well Testing) operations provide safe and effective systems to accomplish the following:

1. Provide pressure control via fixed or adjustable choke systems (manual or hydraulic).

2. Separate produced solids with sand separation devices located between the wellhead and first well control device.

3. Separate produced fluids (gas, oil, and water)

4. Measure all relevant pressure-volume-temperature data (PVT), i.e.
A. Produced fluid rates
B. Produced fluid ratios (GOR, OGR, WGR, etc.)
C. Cumulative produced fluid volumes
D. Wellhead pressure and temperature
E. Separator operating conditions (pressure and temperature)
F. API gravity (Stock Tank Oil)
G. Specific Gravity (Separator Gas)
H. Water chloride content (PPM)

5. Store produced liquid onsite or send liquid directly to the pressurized sales line.

6. Burn produced gas to flare stack or send gas directly to the pressurized sales line.

7. Collect representative samples of produced stock tank or separator fluids (gas, oil, water) for later laboratory analysis.

Our expert well testing services include:

1. Pressurized Frac Tanks to minimize VOC emissions to the atmosphere

2. Sand Control
A. Sand Separators up to 15k psi WP
B. Sand Filter Separators that filter sand as small as 200 mesh

3. Plug/Parts Catchers

4. Pressure control
A. Flowback Manifolds with adjustable and/or fixed chokes
B. Hydraulic Choke Manifolds (for extreme flowback)

5. Line Heaters
A. Indirect-fired water bath
B. Working pressures to 15k psi
C. Heating capacities to 3,000,000 BTU/hr

6. Separators
A. 3-phase and 4-phase
B. High volumeHigh/Low shut downs
C. Liquid level shut down
D. Gas measurement via Electronic Flow Meters (EFM)
E. Liquid measurement via Electronic Turbine Meters with calibrated sight-glasses.
F. NACE manufacturing standards

7. Flare Stacks

8. Pressurized and Open-Top Tanks

9. Support Equipment
A. Command Centers
B. Generators
C. Light Plants
D. Portable Living Quarters
E. Flowline
F. Flowline Restraint Systems
G. ESD Valves

10. Reporting
A. Reports with plots (MS Excel) emailed daily per client direction
B. Texas RRC regulatory test forms
C. G-1
D. G-5
E. G-10
F. W-2
G. W-10
H. H-5
I. H-15