The FESCO Automated Systems & Technologies Soteria system developed by FESCO can automatically detect parameters to trigger both functions of the dumping process, allowing for efficient dump cycles which prevent excess water dumping and gas being sent to the collection tanks where it could create a hazard
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Advantages of FESCO Automated Systems & Technologies Soteria System

- Personnel out of high-danger zones and focused on facilities equipment
- Reduction of day rate due to minimal personnel
- Efficient automated dump cycles based on the well’s needs
- Integrity testing of valves after actuations to determine if/where failures occur

Safety of the FESCO Automated Systems & Technologies

- Prevent personnel from being in high-danger zones:
- Red-zone area
- Near gas buster during actuation
- Integrity Testing
- Patented pressure testing can prevent problems before they occur
- If a failure occurs during the Integrity Test, the fail-close system is activated where the sand separator is shut in and an email alert is sent to notify of the failure
- Ensure that experienced and properly trained personnel are on location

Cost Reduction

- Reduce the number of personnel on location
- Personnel focused on your equipment instead
- Reduce maintenance costs by protecting the integrity of the valves
- Using Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to track and improve operational efficiencies
- Number of actuations valve failure, choke scheduling, etc.
- Increased job efficiencies leading to equipment being released timely

Data Tracking

- Data logging entire operation, including pressures, number of dumps, etc.
- 6 months of storage
- Status indication after every integrity test
- Immediate response time if failure occurs
- Coming soon from FESCO:
- Sand Measurement Tank
- Accurately report a quantified measure of sand
- Ability to optimize frequency of dumps and assist with choke scheduling
- FESCO Automated Systems Technology
- Live dashboard with the ability to download daily reports and stream data in real-time

Key Components

- The key components of Soteria include:
- Control Panel
- Navigation, operation, reset buttons, power switch, screen and USB port that allows for total interactions with the user
- Hydraulic Actuated Valves(HAV):
- 2 Plug Valves (PV) and 1 Flow Control Valve (CV)
- Pressure Transducers (PT):
- Used for patented Integrity Testing between valves
- Tank Level Sensors:
- Communicates to an ESD valve for extra safety measures

Actuation Process

- A sound alarm will signal that an actuation is about to occur
- Red siren will flash on control panel as well
- The first automated pressure valve will open, followed by the second, and then the control valve
- The sand will then flow through the blow down line into the tank for a designated amount of time
- The valves will then close back in the sequence and the actuation will repeat according to the designated dump frequency set on the control panel
- Frequencies can be set based on the well’s needs