Vapor Recovery / Frac Tanks

FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) has an industry leading designed 500bbl vapor recovery tank. Our vapor recovery tanks utilize internal gas busters to control the incoming product to separate the liquid and flash gases, greatly reducing the chance of carry over or spills.
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The rear of the tanks have dual 6" piping to recover any flash gas that would normally be vented to atmosphere and give the customer the option to flare these gases, providing zero emissions storage capabilities. Our industry leading design gives you a safer and more environmentally friendly temporary storage solution. Our Vapor Recovery Tanks are typically used in conjunction with our Flare Systems in areas where emissions are controlled or restricted. Our Standard Frac Tanks are vented with capacities of 400-500 bbl and are typically used to receive pigging liquids and solids waste during a maintenance pigging project or when used during a chemical cleaning project. Mini-Frac Tanks have approximately 200 bbl capacities and are a favorite choice when planning for expected small volumes of liquids or debris during pigging projects and where limited space is available.

- 500 BBL Capacity Each
- Internal Gas Busters
- Vapor Recovery Zero Emissions
- Frac Tanks
- Mini-Frac Tanks