FESCO provides pigging and pigging related consulting services to many of the major pipeline companies across the United States. We have the equipment, experience and staff to handle any liquid and gas pipeline pigging project.
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FESCO maintains a highly skilled staff of technicians and engineers to support any pipeline cleaning and integrity requirement while maintaining Safety and Compliance awareness throughout the project. We routinely provide personnel and equipment to manage or support pigging projects with the use of the following pigs on all pipe sizes: Foam Pig (foam disc, conical nose, conical nose with brushes and chemical spreader pig), Cup/Disc/Brush Steel Mandrel Pig, Cup/Disc All Urethane Pig, Gauge Plate Pig, Caliper/Deformation Pig, Speed Controlled Maintenance/Cleaning Pig and Smart Pig/ILI (In Line Inspection) Tool.

Whether your requirements are for a one-time pipeline cleaning project or developing and implementing a pipeline maintenance pigging program, FESCO is your complete pipeline pigging solution. We provide electronic tracking devices, geophones and electronic pigs. We have the expertise to recommend different types of pigs, with or without the use of our pipeline cleaning chemicals, to successfully clean your line. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with setting up a maintenance pigging program to ensure continued and manageable throughput efficiencies while supporting your pipeline integrity safety initiatives.