Gas Flaring

FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) has the experience and equipment needed for natural gas flaring. Our flares are used to assist in maintaining gas volume flow rates for the proper speeds needed for cleaning pigs and inspection tools, along with calibrated measurement equipment to account for lost and unaccounted for gas (LUFG) during the flaring process.
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We also use our flare stacks to assist in blowing down pipelines for repair and to assist in purging those pipelines back into service. Our flares are typically used in conjunction with our Specialized Vapor Recovery Tanks which, when installed upstream of the flare, provide a closed system with the capability to collect and control any accumulated liquids during the flaring process.

Knockout Vessels

FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) has specially designed knockout vessels that can be installed upstream of the flare stacks to catch any liquid that carries over.

Portable Meter Runs

FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) has portable meter runs up to 6" equipped with Barton and Total Flow meters to measure gas volumes.

Flame Arrestors

FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) has temporary flame arrestors that range from 4" to 30" in diameter to eliminate differential and back flow.

Flare Stacks

FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) has portable flare stacks from 2" to 6" with a maximum flare volume of 50 MMCFPD. Most of the units are skid mount; however we do have trailer mounted units as well. These flares are used for pipeline blow down, purging, and any other flaring needs.