FESCO Pipeline Services (FPLS) can supply portable filter separator vessels up to 48” diameter for gas or liquid lines. Multiple filter vessels can be plumbed together, in series or parallel configuration, with our flanged manifold piping system to accommodate any desired flow rate
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Each filter vessel has an independent dump valve that is designed to be used alone or to be fitted with dump valves on other adjoining filter vessels to provide a common dump piping system to a vapor recovery tank, frac tank or storage tank. We offer many different filters elements ranging in a wide variety of micron sizes designed to fit your specific filtration needs.

- 24" Vessels with 12 Elements
- 20" Vessels with 7 Elements
- Filters available in all popular Micron Sizes
- All Filters utilize 8" Nozzles
- 1480psi WP
- Liquid Rates up to 8,800 BBLS/HR Each
- Gas Rates up to 80 MMCF/D Each