Pipeline Services

Black and white image of a FESCO vehicle

Debris, scale and liquid accumulations in pipelines reduce product flow which requires periodic removal to achieve maximum product throughput.  FESCO applies specialized equipment and highly trained personnel to safely and cost-effectively solve a variety of pipeline-related challenges. We offer a full-range of designed execution solutions to the pipeline services market from small gathering lines, to large transmission lines, and every pipeline challenge in between.

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Applications for our expert Pipeline Services include:

  • Project Management
  • Pipeline Cleaning (chemical or mechanical)
  • Liquid (volatile HC and water) removal from gas pipelines
  • Separation and filtration for gas and liquid
  • Supply cleaning chemical
  • Smart pig tracking
  • Pipeline hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Low-emission capable systems
  • Onsite liquid storage
  • Pressurized Tanks
  • Flaring Services 

Separation Equipment

Max WP = 1250 psi

Gas Capacity = 300 MMscf/d (at 1000 psi)

Liquid Capacity = 20000 STB/d

Pressure Control Manifold

Max WP = 1500 psi

Dual-Chokes (2" ID or 3" ID) with 6" ID bypass