FESCO PVT laboratory technicians and engineering staff provide a complete suite of PVT fluid studies and field sampling services using recombined 1st-stage separator gas/liquid samples or subsurface reservoir fluid samples.
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Phase Behavior Services Include:

- Visual PVT Cells rated to 15K psi and 392°F
- Reservoir Fluid PVT Studies:
- Black Oil 
- Volatile Oil 
- Retrograde Gas
- Multi-Stage Separator Tests
- Pressurized Oil Viscosity and Reservoir Fluid Density Measurements at Reservoir Temperature
- Full Hydrocarbon Analytical Laboratory to determine all relevant gas and liquid properties, i.e. compositions via chromatograph (through C7+, C11+ and C31+), molecular weights, relative density, density, etc.
- Enhanced Oil Recovery and CCUS capabilities

PVT Simulations

FESCO Engineers Model Various PVT Experiments Utilizing Equation-of-State Software. The experiments include, but are not limited to, the following:
- Phase Diagrams 
- Flash Calculations 
- Wellstream Composition via Mathematical Recombination of 1st-stage Separator Gas and HC Liquid compositions
- Reservoir Fluid PVT Study Simulations of
- Black Oil 
- Volatile Oil 
- Retrograde Gas Studies
- Multi-Stage Separator Tests
- Swelling Tests
- Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP) determination

Full suite of fluid sample acquisition services

- Surface Sample Acquisition: 1st-stage separator Gas and HC Liquid samples
- Subsurface Sample Acquisition: In-Situ Reservoir Fluid sample acquired using downhole sampling instrument rated to 15K psi, 356 °F. Instrument is H2S resistant.
Our labs are located in Alice, TX. Midland, TX. Bryan, TX. and Shinnston, WV.