Field Sampling & Testing

FESCO Laboratory offers sample acquisition services by highly trained lab personnel. Experienced as lab technicians, they routinely analyze the very samples they obtain so they know the importance of accuracy and precision in sampling.
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- Natural Gas
- Pressurized Hydrocarbon Liquids At Separator Conditions
- For Compositional Analysis
- For Emissions Studies
- For PVT Studies
- Atmospheric Hydrocarbon Liquids
- Stock Tank Thieving
- LACT Unit
- Oxygen Content by Field Meter
- Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Mercaptans
- Stain Tube Method (GPA 2377)
- Cadmium Sulfate Method (GPA 2265)
- Tutwiler (UOP 9-85)
- Carbon Dioxide
- Stain Tube Method (GPA 2377)- Water Content
- Stain Tube (ASTM D4888)- Hydrocarbon Dew Point
- Calculated
- BOM Chilled Mirror (includes water content – ASTM D1142)
Authorized Haz-Mat Shipping Certification for FMCSA
Our labs are located in Alice, TX. Midland, TX. Bryan, TX. and Shinnston, WV.