Atmospheric Emissions Testing

As FESCO prioritizes our ESG goals, we also want to partner with our clients in order to reach their goals.  Laboratory analysis is a key component in understanding, reporting and reducing emissions.  Our experienced staff has been providing this service for over 25 years.
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FESCO provides client emission results that enable regulatory emissions compliance and establish air emission baselines. We do so by acquiring pressurized hydrocarbon liquid (oil, condensate) and/or water samples from the separator immediately upstream of the emission source (usually the tank battery). We then physically flash the pressurized liquid sample(s) to prescribed ambient conditions to measure the produced Gas-Liquid Ratio(s) and the evolved gas composition(s) through decanes (C11+). These measured results enable the client to estimate toxic air emissions per produced liquid barrel.

Flash Study or Atmospheric Emission Study:

Separator HC Liquid Flash through well site separation stage(s) to ambient lab conditions to determine:
- Gas-Oil Ratio
- Separator Volume Factor
- Shrinkage Recover Factor
- C7+ and C11+ Analysis of Evolved Gas
- C7+ and C11+ Analysis of Stock Tank Liquid
- Reid Vapor Pressure (Stock Tank Liquid)
- API Specific Gravity (Stock Tank Liquid)

Now providing Method 9 and Method 22 services:

- Method 9 - visual determination of the opacity of emissions from stationary sources
- Method 22 - visual determination of fugitive emissions from material sources and smoke emissions from flares
Our labs are located in Alice, TX. Midland, TX. Bryan, TX. and Shinnston, WV.