Lab - Atmospheric Emissions Testing

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Oil and Gas (O&G) regulatory entities increasingly require better accounting and reporting of toxic air emissions from upstream and midstream O&G activities. Air toxic emissions from O&G activities include greenhouse gases (GHG), toxic gases (H2S, CO, SO2, etc.) and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). The most common GHG emitted by oil and gas activities are carbon dioxide, methane and ethane. VOC's include all hydrocarbon components greater than ethane (C3+). Particular components of interest emitted during O&G activity include benzene, toluene, ethyl-benzene and xylene and are often referred to as BTEX emissions.

FESCO provides client emission results that enable regulatory emissions compliance and establish air emission baselines. We do so by acquiring pressurized hydrocarbon liquid (oil, condensate) and/or water samples from the separator immediately upstream of the emission source (usually the tank battery). We then physically flash the pressurized liquid sample(s) to prescribed ambient conditions to measure the produced Gas-Liquid Ratio(s) and the evolved gas composition(s) through decanes (C11+). These measured results enable the client to estimate toxic air emissions per produced liquid barrel.