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Torque & Test Services

1. Specifications
A. Trailer-mounted unit
B. Wrench Sizes: 0.75" to 3.5"
C. Working Pressure: Up to 15000 psi
D. Safety Systems
i. Pressure Relief Valves
ii. Murphy kill switch
iii. Auto kill switch
E. Pump Type: Diesel Tri-Plex:
F. Max Fluid Pump Rate:
G. Max Fluid Storage:  
H. Recording Type: Barton Meter with Chart

2. Applications
A. Pressure Testi. Frac Stack, tree, flowline, manifolds, lubricator, pipeline, etc.B. Torquei. Nipple Up / Nipple Down
ii. BOP Stacks
iii. Production Trees
iv. Frac Stacks
v. Bolt Torquing
C. Miscellaneousi. Methanol Injection
ii. Accumulator Function
iii. Hold back-pressure during frac lubricator or wireline operations