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High Pressure Pump Services

FESCO now offers Pump Services. We have trained and experienced personnel operating pump truck units for a variety of oilfield pumping applications. Call FESCO for your pump service needs.
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Pump Services

Pump Truck Unit

2250 HP Quintuplex

Features Include:
- Cummins K50 engine with hydraulic start

- TA-90-8501 Twin Disk Transmission

- 2250 HP Quintuplex pump (GD-2500Q SGWS)

- 5" x 6" Auxilliary Centrifugal Pump

- Pump Rates of 2.5 to 8 Bbl/min

- Pump rates to 16 Bbls/min achieved by connecting two trucks in series

- 3" ID flowline used for pump rates greater than 8 Bbls/min


- Establishing injection rates from 2.5 to 16 Bbls/min

- Pumping pre-frac fluid injection tests

- Pumping down wireline tools

- Shifting sliding sleeves

- Bull-heading

- Provide electronic pressure gauges for projects requiring higher pressure resolution

- Combined pump rate data on projects requiring two pump units

- Recorded pump data supplied on flash drive in Excel file format