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Frac Stacks

Frac Stacks temporarily replace the Production Tree during high pressure pumping operations typically involving abrasive fluids (hydraulic fracture activities, etc.) to prevent damage to the Production Tree and costly repair or replacement.
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Frac Stacks

- 3-1/16" bore valves for unobstructed profile (hydraulic & manual)

- 2-3/8", 2-7/8", and 3-1/2" tubings – all threads

- 5-1/8" 10K valves to 7-1/16" 5K or 10K flange

- 7-1/16" and 4-1/16" flanges with 10K and 15K WP ratings

- Flow tee with 2 valves and choke

- 10K and 15K psi WP rated equipment

Frac Valves

- 10K and 15K psi WP rating (hydraulic & manual)

- All sizes, including 5-1/8" and 7-1/16” full-bore opening

Additional Equipment:

- Gate Valves – manual and hydraulic for 5K, 10K, 15K and 20K jobs
- High-pressure manifolds

- High-pressure frac ball catchers

- High-pressure sand removal systems (sand knock-out units)

- Blow-Out Preventers

- Flanged Weco Unions

- Assorted Flanges & Spools

- Accumulators

- Flow Crosses for Coil Tubing