Lab - Analytical

FESCO analytical lab testing

FESCO offers a complete array of field sampling and hydrocarbon laboratory services to the petroleum industry.

Laboratory Locations:

  • Alice, Texas
  • Ozona, Texas
  • Bryan, Texas
  • Shinnston, West Virginia

Field Sampling Services:

  • Provided by trained technicians from every FESCO lab or production testing district

Gas Analysis through:

  • Pentanes (C6+)
  • Hexanes (C7+)
  • Decanes (C11+)

LPG / LNG Analysis through:

  • Pentanes (C6+)
  • Hexanes (C7+)
  • Decanes (C11+)

HC Liquid Analysis through :

  • Pentanes (C6+)
  • Hexanes (C7+)
  • Decanes (C11+)
  • Triacontanes (C31+)

Flash Study or Atmospheric Emission Study:

  • Separator HC Liquid Flash through well site separation stage(s) to ambient lab conditions to determine:
    • Gas-Oil Ratio
    • Separator Volume Factor
    • Shrinkage Recovery Factor
    • C7+ and C11+ Analysis of Evolved Gas
    • C7+ and C11+ Analysis of Stock Tank Liquid
    • Reid Vapor Pressure (Stock Tank Liquid)
    • API Specific Gravity (Stock Tank Liquid)


  • Brine Water Analysis via ICP
  • Crude Oil Analysis
  • Sulphur Content Analyses
  • H2S Content via Cadmium Sulfate or Tutweiler Titration
  • Water Dew Point Measurement via Chanscope DP Tester
  • Automated ASTM D-86 Distillations