The assistant will assist Slickline Operators in all aspects of the job, from rigging up equipment: installing equipment onto wellsite tree in order to perform slickline work.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Installs and removes tree cap by using appropriate tool
  • Assists in making up lubricators together to run service tools
  • Assists the Operator with the installing of the wireline valve
  • Completes the makeup of the stuffing box on to the lubricator
  • Maintains, services, and cleans tools and equipment
  • Other jobs as assigned
  • Must have a clean driving record with either a Class “A” or “B” CDL license


  • Must be able to pass a “DOT” physical
  • Work in all types of weather conditions (i.e. extreme heat or cold and high humidity) for extended periods of time
  • Work in a toxic environment (Hydrogen Sulfide Gas) while wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus with full face sealed respiratory equipment weighing ±30 lbs.
  • Work at remote locations ±2 hours from the nearest medical facility
  • Work comfortably up to 15′ above ground wearing the appropriate fall protection designated for the job
  • Lift objects 70 lbs.
  • Work in an environment where constant pushing, pulling, lifting, twisting, turning, stretching, bending, stooping, etc. is required
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